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Higgs and Bee Greens

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Higgs and Bee Greens is an excellent whole foods supplement made from fresh produce that brings a powerhouse of nutrition to your dog's diet. Greens is beneficial whether you feed your pooch kibble, raw, a home cooked diet, or something in between.

Dogs being fed kibble could especially benefit from the extra nutrition from the real food in Higgs and Bee Greens. It is a fresh, easy way to instantly enhance your dog’s diet and provide essential nutrients missing from a processed diet. Receiving nutrition from a real whole food source is much easier for the body to process and use the nutrition than in a processed form.

Whether it’s dry, itchy skin, a dull coat, lethargy, a weak immune system, achey joints or a whole list of other ailments, Higgs and Bee Greens can help your pup by providing whole body nutrition, which is often seen first and foremost in an improved coat and decreased shedding