Higgs and Bee Greens

Quality Nutrition for Your Pet. Because Your Family Matters

It's nice to be able to have access to a healthy and affordable food choice for pets. Since Belly is like a family member it is important to reflect all the love and joy he gives us back to the little guy. Higgs and Bee Greens is part of that commitment. He deserves a quality, healthy and long life. It didn't take very long to incorporate this into Belly's routine. He won't eat his kibble without it. From bowl to Belly's Belly. Kal Gutman

I was looking for a non medicinal way to ease my older dog's joint pain when I found Higgs and Bee Greens. A combo of that and a raw diet have turned him into a new dog. He is feeling great, his mobility is 100% better, his coat is soft and he smells great. He hasn't needed a bath in almost three weeks. He used to let his food sit out all day and now he eats it immediately. Thank you Higgs and Bee. Lori Moore

My Molly is really picky about her food. I hesitated buying anything healthy because I didn't think she would like it but I was desperate to add nutrition to her poor diet. It was a huge hit! Molly just can't wait to eat her daily meals with Higgs and Bee Greens and I am so happy she is getting her daily dose of nutrition. Thank you! Shelly Pearse

I purchased Higgs and Bee Greens for my furry boy Colbie. I wanted a healthy alternative to expensive prescription medication. Colbie loves the taste of it when I add it to his cooked diet. His skin is clear, his coat is silky smooth and he has more energy than ever before! Highly Recommended!!! – Roxanne Tommy

Elsie and Winnie just can't get enough of this delicious treat. As soon as I open the fridge they come running. Thank you Higgs and Bee Greens for helping to keep them happy and healthy. We are customers forever! Louise Brewer.

My dog Norman loves Higgs and Bee Greens. Since it's completely all natural, with no additives or preservatives, I can give him as much as he wants. He actually thinks it's a treat! Laurie Zimmermann

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THANK YOU, Laura for introducing me to this amazing product for my two little guys Koby and Teddy. Not only do they love their food even more now, but I have seen some incredible changes in their health especially with Teddy that had alot of tummy issues. I love Higgs and Bee Greens and I'm so grateful to you for making such a great product. Cori Ramirez